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Location Recording

Perhaps you are looking to recording your band's album in your home studio but you do not have the equipment to record the drums. Or maybe you are needing an affordable alternative to an expensive time in a recording studio...

...AudioCooker's location recording services could make all this happen and more!


You'll be very surprised at the results you get from our "Rehearsal Recordings" with several past clients claiming they were happier with the results than those from an expensive weekend in the studio! It's a great way to get a quick affordable demo together.

We come out to your rehearsal room and record up to 10 songs and then take them back to our audio suite for mixing & pseudo mastering. At £40 each for an average 5 piece band It's very affordable and offers great results.
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Drum recordings can really benefit from lively ambient spaces with lots of different reflective and defusing surfaces. As such your work's warehouse, some church halls, large clubs etc can be great places to record your drums, and are often acoustically better than many overly damped or small recording studios rooms. Just choose the venue you have access to and we bring all the equipment to you.

To further discuss how all this may work for you contact us HERE.

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