The AudioCooker

thought and experience crafting the perfect mix...


Recording your own material yourself can not only be enjoyable but a very creative way to work. However often you will find you are happy with what you have created, but your mix is lacking. Like wise you may have recorded your work at a recording studio, are happy with your performance but not the mix. These are both very common occurrences. AudioCooker could give your songwriting and recording the polished mix it deserves. 


Mastering, that elusive process that recorded material must go through before being released. Contrary to popular belief the mastering process is not to make your recordings just sound loud. The goal should be to produce a tonal balance and achieve average perceived volume levels that conform to industry standard scales. After AudioCooker Mastering your music will have that professional sheen that “sounds like a record"


Perhaps you are looking to recording your band's album in your home studio but you do not have the equipment to record the drums. Or maybe you are needing an affordable alternative to an expensive time in a recording studio...

...AudioCooker's location recording services could make all this happen and more!

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